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About me - Sofia Goldberg aka Sofia Metal Queen. My biography / story....

I'm Sofia Goldberg aka Sofia Metal Queen.
Professional artist / painter, fashion designer, photomodel, fashion model, beadwork artist, gothic dancer, programmer, writer, philosopher, blogger, scientist, and owner of Ameynra fashion company. Author of 6,500  artworks and fashion projects. I'm also author of sci-fi fantasy books (Ameynra literary projects), science-oriented articles and co-author/illustrator of "Twisted Time" literary project.

I love all styles of metal music, especially black metal. I have a big collection of metal music: CDs, shirts, posters, art, etc. You can see that stuff on my YouTube and Facebook.

Hair color: Red
Eyes color: Blue

Marriage status: Single, never married
Citizenship: US
Favorite music: Black Metal
Favorite food: Armenian food, coffee, pizza & coca-cola
Favorite flower: yellow tulips.
Favorite movie - animated cartoons only !!! (I don't watch movies since age 14)
Favorite TV program - soccer/football, news. I never watch any TV shows or serials.
Business position: company owner. Ameynra company founded in 2005 in Los Angeles, CA

Business activity: Design of Ameynra fashion product lines, including costumes for dance shows. Making online sales, promotions & finding new customers, creative work for conferences, presentations, art exhibitions, fashion shows. Creation and management of Ameynra Art Gallery, include online art promotions and organizations of art originals & prints sales. Also online auctions, work with resellers & agents, finding of a competitive basis of contract organizations for realization of projects, cross-country-promotions, and world-wide promotions, selection of a team for projects.

1st artworks: 1982
1st artwork sale: 1990, age 9
1st personal art exposition: 1991, age 10, 28+40 artworks,
1st international art show: March 1992, age 10,
Winner of lambada dance competition for young dancers: 1993, in Poland
1st grand-pri received during domestic art competition: June 1993
1st 1-month art & crafts personal exposition: July 1993, then in 5 cities on Black Sea coast.
1st participation at fashion show: Sept. 1993, age 12, in Poland, Italy & France
I've earned status of the best space artist of the year: Nov. 1993
Winner of international space art competition: Oct. 1994, Poland
1st Space fantasy art exposition in Moscow, 1994
1st time on TV: July 1995, age 14
1st short movie "The Fortuneteller" - Sept. 1995, age 14, in Novorossiysk
1st international fashion show for young designers: 1996, France
Ameynra Dance Fashion company created : May 3 2005
1st U.S. art show - Independence Day festival 2005 in L.A., CA
Ebay bronze powerseller level - 2006 -(dance costumes)
1st esoteric spiritual art show: Nov. 2006
Ebay silver powerseller level - 2007 -(art & dance costumes)
1st international modern surreal art show - Oct. 2010, Ukraine
Ameynra - best gypsy costumes brand of the month - 2011
Best L.A. Sellers 2013 award - Oct. 2013

History of my dynasty has began in 13th century in frozen to the core Northern Europe. In the long history of family, there were: one of an ancient Satanic Cult Leaders, French royal jewelry designer, Russian & Spanish-French-German noblemen families, Russian steel tycoons and Aryan wife of the Gypsy King (that french lady had paranormal ability to know the future). I use username "Sofia Metal Queen" not just because I'm metalhead & love heavy metal music but because of historical heritage. That is about actual metal, not music! In 17th century, part of the dynasty had 3 dozens of steel-making factories, and enjoyed making money on metal industry (making & selling high-quality steel, copper & black metal) – to build railroads, ships… For more than hundred years, the dynasty was also engaged in export of silver jewelry to Europe. Before revolution 1917, the dynasty have owned one of largest chains of steel-making factories, also collieries, mines. My great-grandmother's parents owned high school for elite girls, other relatives had 2 villages with a few thousand acres of land & about two hundred of horses. My another great-grandmother, Gypsy Queen Sofia had unusual ability to know the future. She was member of German noble family that had French-Spanish roots, but lived in Germany only because the family have moved there soon-after the revolution in France. My parents gave me name Sofia because my eyes are sky-blue as my great-grandma's eyes. My dad often said "In all history of the world there are two most beautiful women: Marilyn Monroe and my wife". I agree with my father. My mother is super beautiful, especially because of her hair. Longest red hair in North America. A lot of people agree with my dad too. I m glad to read their comments on videos of my mom Sarah Goldberg aka Sarah Super Long Hair ;)

I'm lucky girl born 4th of July 1981. July 4 is an American Independence Day. How cool - birthday with fireworks !!! I'm happy & proud, even if I was not born here in the US. I moved here, and Land of the Free became my new home. I always felt myself misfit for a country where I was born and which I came from... Now, I'm proud to be an American, a young business lady, metalhead, fashion model / designer.

In age 5, I heard Metallica for 1st time in my life. My dad's friend have work traveling on ship that traveled to different countries. So he saw Metallica's early concerts alive, have met bands and talked with a few of them. Then at the end of his work trip, have brought heavy metal LPs, shirts... At that time, in 1986, it was big treasure. Really. It turned my mind into the world of heavy metal. 4ever. For me, metal is: law, life, lifestyle, love, etc. Since 1986. Metallica was and will be my number one favorite band, the best and forever. At same time I met my great friend Miriam ;)

As an artist, I started my creative way in 1982. I began interested in making beadwork art / bead embroidery in age 5. Once, when we visited some friends of my dad friend in Kazakhstan, we went to traditional village style street market. There was old woman from Afghanistan, she was professional in art of beadwork & embroidery. She had a huge stuff to sell. I was amazed how beautiful were beaded jewelry and headcovers she made for sale. Since that, I love beadwork and spent in it most of my free time. In beadwork, I try to use as many styles as I can. Well, I studied French & Egyptian styles during my trips. I modified traditional beadwork and made new style of fine art - a fancy mix of beadwork, crystal rhinestone mosaic with metal & other elements. Now a lot of people are trying to copy me but they need much more fantasy to rise up to same level. They use pre-made schemes and have no creativity because of that. Art without fantasy is not an art because using schemes is like a coloring pictures for kindergarden age, haha. I never go that way. In age 9 I have sold my artwork from my 1st exposition. (It was collective art show in my hometown, not a personal exposition) That was 1st art sale in my life. I was not so interested in getting money, that was just 3 rubles, (when regular monthly salary was 110 rubles) but I very much wished to tell father that I can sell things too! An idea to prove my ability to sell something, no matter what to sell. My goal was to get money & give that to daddy. We spent that on ice cream to please our family. I remember that black kitten watercolor artwork... How I was happy to bring 3 rubles to my daddy! Years later, in the US, I'll look at my ebay silver powerseller diploma with same pride, but with sad hope that daddy sees that from the sky and, I hope he is proud of me. But in 1990 my life was filled with sun & happiness. People never said anything regarding that to paint portraits of people can be forbidden in Islam. Nobody followed Sharia Law in the motherland of communism. We also had no idea about how cool can be to use photoshop to create computerized art... Most of my space art, about 500 artworks, were created between 1990 and 1994. Space was for me like an opened door into eternity, future... I had strange night dreams about the future, years between 2070-2180. And sometimes I saw something else. Events that I saw in dreams at night, one by one happened in reality very soon. At that time cellphones, notebooks were not-yet invented. But I saw them, knew how to use them, and also knew about things which still not-yet invented. As if I came from the future. So when I did a sketch of Los Angeles and metro underground, without having any info about city, just based on my dreams, then told a parts of history I read in schoolbooks in my strange dreams, my family decided to write a book about the future and what I know about what is gonna be. But we found a time for it only many years later. That is the "Twisted Time" literary project for which I still look for publishing house.

Back in 1990s', there was a life full of creativity. I received dozens grand prizes, was award-winning Lambada dancer, then started to create my fashion projects. My mom and I have our 1st fashion show in France in 1993. That was a project in which were engaged about 25 designers. Two years later, one of my fashion projects which has been created in the beginning of 1994, won 1st place in international fashion competition in Riga, Latvia. That was "Emerald mermaid wearing the dress" - oh yeah, too girly, but perfect for young designer in age under 16 ;)

In my childhood, people have noticed my unusual ability to bring good luck to those who have done something nice for me. Also, like my great-grandma, I can see others' future. The fortuneteller, good luck bringer... Once, when I was little schoolgirl, I told my teacher that I see a dangerous situation in her hometown and that she have to tell her relatives to move here as soon as possible, and hurry to do that. My schoolteacher heard something about my ability to know the future. Soon all her relatives have moved out from Kirovakan. It was November 1988. A few weeks before earthquake. Other people who lived near our house told my parents a stories that after they gave me something nice, like a huge bowl of strawberries, soon their dreams came true, and that were a miracles, such as finding money on a road. And money was enough to buy a dress, about which that lady just dreamed... So, many thousand people visited our house to ask me about their future, get good luck and blessings for specific deals they planned to do. But I had no control regarding whom to bless and whom to give nothing. It was like an obligation from Shambhala to be 'little Seniora Salvator', but I wanted freedom to choose and be out of their control. People wanted to get blessings and look into the future, and most of them were sure that they'll have only happy life. They thought only of themselves and most of the time had no idea that they should make something nice for me first. But it is not possible to bless unknown person without being in a happy mood... Or it will pull out a lot of energy, as if work hard for a few hours. People didn't care that it can be scary for me to see wars, accidents, scandals or somebody's illness. Soon, people also noticed that when somebody made me angry, he/she became cursed. The power of Hell can punish everyone who offended me. They gets car accident, illness or a "time behind the bars"... But for my dad, worst thing was that when people ask me to look into their future, I also saw what is known as "adult life" because there is no any control in paranormal ability to see future & secrets. And that wasn't pleasant for my daddy because mass usage of paranormal abilities always take a lot of energy, and I was too young to see what I saw. My father stopped those people by forbidding them to visit our house. Before crowd of those who wished to know the future, I had a lot of friends same age as me. Later, they left me, being scared that I can see what they wished to hide or never tell anybody. Only Miriam & a few others remains with me. Daddy was sure that I have to live my own life same way as other children do, and even better, because he was super talented vendor. He was able to sell everything he sees, no matter that nobody else guessed that such things can be sold at all! The greatest vendor I know. My dad's fantastic ability to do trade still amazes me. Even being graduated from two universities of art & law, he never used his diplomas. "Red diploma" in x-USSR had a meaning that person was excellent student and had only "A" no "B" or "C" grades during study in the university. As an attorney, my dad had "red diploma". But he worked just a few hours a week because everybody were obligated to work. Government did all to avoid unemployment in country, and there was a law that obligated people to work at least 4 hours a week. My dad loved to work as "commis voyageur", a trader who can buy something from one city or ever country and re-sell it in another city, then buy something different there and re-sell somewhere else. Hundred thousand miles are not problem. So when I was little girl, me and daddy traveled  lot during such trade. Making money that way was perfect to make life beautiful. My daddy can make 3000 rubles a day when it was his lucky day. Normally, peoples' salary was between 60 and 240 rubles per month (at that time). My daddy spent everything he earned to buy what we, his family, wished to have. 3 luxury cars, huge garden with dozens of fruit trees, another garden full of roses and strawberries, floor-length fur coats, designers' dresses, persinan rugs, crystal luster, collection of music LPs, etc. We were one of most happy families in our hometown! I learned from him a lot and it helps me in everything, especially in work with press and mass-media, organization and carrying out of Ameynra promotional photo-sessions, organization, planning and coordination of activity of the enterprise during a realization of projects.

In age 8 I met Zen Master. I was his best student of the year. of course I was happy to be N1. That guy had unusual ability to walk in fire, on broken glass - without any harm himself. He was able to make a rain, hurricane by using magical spells. He also was able to talk with animals & astral guests. It sounds crazy for 21st century, but it was true. I learned from him a lot. At that time I looked for answer about what I saw in my strange nightmares. There was fire that was related to death. There also was beautiful young woman with baby in her arms. I saw her, she looked at fire and cried aloud. Many times I saw such nightmare, since age 5. Zen Master told me a story about past events which were related to me. That young lady in my dreams was one of my noble ancestors, a wife of one of the Satanic Cult leaders. So that was strange fact of getting memory from 13th century.

Since that, I decided to study Black Magic. Because of being one of heiresses of an ancient Leader of Clan in Cult 666, I was not obligated to wear black clothes only because of historical heritage. It is nice, because I prefer an image of sophisticated business lady instead of traditional image of witch. Once, during one of mid-term exams I didn't accept seriously what my instructor Mademe Lucrecia Luciferrah told me what was possible in case of well-done practice: "Music is only thing that can make a shift. By the way, you can fall in love with one whom we can use for magical crash test practice. Black magic can turn your skills against you. That is that point of turning upside down." I was proud to hear that I'm 2nd of her best students. I remember a car accident near small river in Latvia, and how my schoolmates were in delight to watch "the perfect crash test". Person who died in that car accident was on my instructor's list with two notes: music and love-through-the-never. Madame had a long list of names of  "stuff for students, to practice their Black Magic skills". Many thousand people came to his funeral to say goodbye to super star of Russian rock music... Scarlet "A" for the test we remember too.

I use my Zen knowledge for life and business. Development of strategy of promotion and attraction of clients, development of the concept of actions, a writing of books & scripts, help to Ameynra family with translations of our books & scripts.

In 1991 I saw Metallica concert in Tushino airport, a "Monsters of Rock" festival. It was 1st metal show in my life. It was stunning !!!! I sat on dad's shoulder to see the show so I was able to watch without problems... I still remember that... Even have seen a lot of concerts after that. 1st show still the best, ha! At that time, my dad had huge collection of Metallica items, including rare shirts, posters, photos... Most of it has been lost in 1995, when huge part of our city became 'ground zero'. ("The Hurricane", a multiple rocket launchers in action usually leave such 'zeros' on maps.)

Once, my daddy gave me a land, something about an acre. A land where yellow tulip flowers bloom every spring from the middle of March to almost-end of May. Thousands of very bright flowers. That was my own garden on mountain. Wild garden. On 10th birthday mom gave me a dress which was a Queen's dream dress. High-quality handcrafted lace ruffles, embroidered with sating stitch, fine beadwork & real pearl beads. Puffy sleeves with brooches & pearl beads... High collar in royal style... Month later, grandparents told me long story about dynasty, revolutions in France & Russia and how those events have affected family history. When I think about my childhood, I can describe it as "Golden childhood of little miss Goldberg" ;) Most of my friends called me "Princess of the SovetUnion regime" I never accepted name "Sovdepovskaya Princessa", it never was my and never be. As if I was out of post-revolution time, as if the history have stopped in 1917, skipped years to 1981 and then continued. I have no hate to the regime era but also never supported it because the dynasty have lost everything they had, collected, owned, created and everything of that they lived by 'till 1917. So even my dad was super lucky in trade and was able to buy for me everything I liked, we had no freedom to: follow our religions, celebrate our national holidays, wear national clothes, hairstyles, spoke in native language, defend our opinion on history, etc. Especially opinion on WW2. I sure that is is normal and nice to be thankful to people who helped my family members. When I say "helped", I mean next: proving a food to family, making repairs in house and heaters, making construction of 3rd floor and 2nd basement, and protecting during bad time. And I'm very much thankful to them. Nobody can force me to hate such good people. Also, I don't care what they did to others. Okay, the past is the past. I have to go my way. 1980's-90's my mom has been working as director of Art School, also was gallery curator. But she likes decorative art much more than traditional fine art. We have visited a lot of museums, art shows. I was really inspired... I like decorative art too, especially macrame. Yay, years later I made a macrame dress in style of classic heavy metal. Then sold it for $6500, on eBay. Last minutes of bidding are a funny to watch... If you are seller ;) Back in 1993, after my 1st winning of 1st place at international art competition in Donetsk, Ukraine, I met a lot of people who adored my art but also met a lot of haters who tried to stop me. I won 1st place even jury was corrupted. A person who organized art show, told me that everybody noticed the difference between talent and ordinary art so jury were unable to give 1st place to somebody else instead of me. They were very much angry because some people have paid for getting 1st place and now jury had to refund those people to prevent scandal. Other haters were against me too but mostly because I told that I'll never support Christianity because of facts from history of 13th century. The freedom of religion is a right of everyone. A few of my ancestors were killed by Spanish inquisition because of wish to continue following their religion. They also refused to give all their gold & land to a church. That was in 13th century. And it is history, from which we cannot erase facts. So, no matter what haters tried to do, 30 of my artworks were included in art show that has been shown in a few cities including Moscow, Tel Aviv, Riga & Tarnow. Some haters hate me because of my nationality. I know that hate will always return to the sender. And I'll never change my mind if that is not my wish.

OK, it was summer 1993 and family traveled to have a joy. In one trip I met Victor, a handsome man who became my instructor in art of sniper shooting. A great professional sniper was amazed by my ability to enter into astral world for time travels. I was allowed to teach him how to use astral. Together we traveled in astral to see many cool things such as Black Shaolin, Atlantis, historical events and a special event which I'm always being interested to watch again and again (Dallas, Texas, 1963). I use an image which I call "Lilith" for time travels only. This is just a note about hair and images that travelers can see in astral;) I was happy to talk with people from the past, whom I adore very much. And, especially nice was how in 1939 one of my blond-haired heroes once offered me to be my dance teacher. It was so romantic to dance waltz with young guy-in-black... Then I met academician who worked in Poland. He studied biochemistry and did a huge quantity of experiments. I was in delight to watch such true scientist! He gave me to read 8 projects on which he worked but had no tools. That man told me that I can used any of his works to continue scientific work. I used that info for my research. Genes modification theory, cycles in making mutations and stop-cancer way. It was very creative time in my life. So at least 200 artworks I created at that time are about astral travels, time travels and unusual & historical places on Earth. One winter evening, Victor told about his love to me and asked me to become his bride. I asked him to help me to move to the US first, because I dreamed to have an opportunity to attend Metallica concerts as often as possible. Metallica are an American band. I want to follow them to see my favorites - James & Kirk. Victor promised me to bring all of us to San Francisco. We decided to go to his parents to get their blessing on being together and to marry when I'll be 16. (He was 33 years old in 1994, I was just 13!) On a road to his hometown there was car accident, from which only-one had a possibility to get out from burning car and be saved. It was me. I saw how car became a huge torch after electric column with high voltage power lines has fallen on it and then down on street because car have hit the old wooden electric column. A fire jumped at least 5 meters up. Years passed away, but I still adore and remember Victor. A true friend, professional sniper and simply wonderful person 6'5 tall, black-haired black-eyed handsome one. I fell sorry that can't call him 'beloved' - because at that time there was no love in my heart. I knew that it should be and will come later. But that will be another person. Victor have bought a wedding dress for me. That was a designer from Italian fashion designer, and to describe the dress & veil, all I can say that it was a royal style wedding gown. For the Queen. Victor called me "Queen". But, even my wedding dress was unbelievable expensive and beautiful, I didn't need it, so I have sold it to somebody in UAE. I tried dress on to make a photos to use for ad. And it was a moment when I decided to become fashion designer. I wished to make that dress colorful... It was white as snow, but I imagined it sky-blue, then pink, red, crimson, teal... Ameynra fashion project came into my mind. Soon I had a few of my first fashion sketches, done without mom's ideas. Before that, I just helped my mom to make her projects.

December 1994 - life on Caucasus have been changed - watch on youtube the beginning of historical turn. Make a research if you wanna see list of all events that happened there after 1994. At that time, I promised my daddy to become business lady, vendor/ trader, money-maker and marry a millionaire. I also promised my grandparents to never create any painting of bombings, destroyed city streets, tanks running between apartment buildings, etc. No art of real war. For me, promise & obligation are same things. That is why in my art you'll never see any real war, only fantastic stuff like star wars.

Once I got an invitation to conference of people with paranormal abilities. There were a plane tickets and confirmation of pre-paid room in hotel in Moscow. OK, I accepted that as a cool opportunity to spend time, have rest from school... More than 200 people arrived there. At conference, they named me "Miss Master" because were amazed by my knowledge and power, given by Shambala. I hated the idea of being called "Master" instead of "Mistress". I'm a girl! They also were amazed why I decided to study Black Magic instead of being with Shambala and so-called "World of light". Main thing that I always try to avoid is: to not become a front-use character in any modern time sect. I don't want to be some kinda light-based messiah because I know the rules of being and the standards that the world of Shambala uses for that. I want to avoid a being of light messiah or something like that. To be independent from Shambala and its rules and obligations. I want to be myself - business lady, artist, metalhead. I want to use my magical power and abilities only for myself & my people and to make us happy.

A shattered pieces of the beginning of my creative life, a lot of single pieces of memorable days are all that remains from that time. Back in 1994, I worked on 8 science-based projects. That was about cloning strategies, genetic modifications, astronomy & astrophysics. My Jewish grandma (who loved beadwork & cross-stitch embroidery) wished me to become ballerina, my grandpa wished I was attorney-in-law, my Muslim grandma tried to send me to astronomy university in London. (She was unable to return to Germany where she was born, but always loved Europe & wished that all her grandchildren moved there) Well, I have sold 4 science-based unfinished project ideas (3 were related to cloning & genealogy, 1 was from nuclear astrophysics) But because of corrupted system, my sales of Persian kittens were more monetary that payment for science-based projects. (Once, on my 6th birthday, mama gave me a Persian cat Kusyaka Jallish (KMJ), then relatives & friends gave me more cats. I was happy and proud of my small cattery, having 8 cats and selling champion kittens ;) Well, people around me were assured that I have earned good money from selling science-based projects. Haha, I gave my friends a half of that. They were metalheads, and had a band project. My boys needed money to buy drums, guitars, etc. I paid for that to help them - metal is our life. Friends promised to pay back when it be possible, because to earn money that I gave them, a person have to work 8 months. I told them that I gave them a gift, not a loan. Torah teaches us to help each other, but we have to do all by heart, without thinking that it will be counted on the sky. One professor who was very much interested in my knowledge of strategies in cloning & genealogy have tried hard to keep my attention on science and continue projects. But only by advise given by my boyfriend, long-haired blond moneymaker, fan of Slayer (music band) I stopped my plans in science. He was right on 100% when said that I had to switch on model career because of corrupted system without any opportunity to earn $$$ from the science. He was a young man, almost 2 meters (7 feet) tall & very strong, was engaged in real estate (and dreamed to buy big hotel someday) He gave me cool gifts instead of flowers, knowing that I'll never accept flowers because I hate to see how they die being without roots. So I never, never accept flowers as gifts to me. My boyfriend was a big fan of Jeff Hanneman. And we talked a lot about music. Almost all the time. Once he told me about his real job, and that was only because we were sure in our bright romance. He worked as "liquidator" in gang of black realtors. And, I still happy that I was allowed to teach him the art of Black Magic and my lessons saved him late by giving him a cool opportunity to escape from criminal investigation. I don't care of his job. I was his beloved, so I sure that it was right to teach him how get a pretty-high level in the art of Black Magic. According his letter to me, one night he used ancient spells to make thunderstorm. One lightning have hit police car from front, another dropped down on second car. 8 cars were stopped. Talented magician-student was able to escape from police and had a time to cross the border. From that guy, I learned about Slayer-the-band, how cool the band is, and how to use computer. At that time I have won 3 art competitions, got a status of "Best space artist" in my hometown, and had over 35 art expositions in Russian Federation & Europe.

At that time I was very-progressive student in art of Black Magic and have trained 4 people, my 1st students. I tried to talk with Azazel to know something about my own future. I saw the power and how it comes down to me. I enjoyed my practice, getting power and almost friendship with Azazel. I was happy to join the Cult 666 because it gave me independence from Shambala, Immortal Teachers, Mahatmas, etc. I hated the idea of becoming next teacher for masses, giving them at least 30 years and receive nothing. That is a fate of Messiah. I wished to be myself - a metalhead girl, artist, fashion designer, daughter of businessman/attorney-in-law & art school boss, granddaughter of jewelry designer, doctor & collector of antiques... Many times I saw Baphomet in my night dreams. Baphomet, in image of beauty Queen in crimson/gold/black dress was my teacher of art of gothic dance, magic rituals & dark part of my fashion designs. I didn't care much why I wasn't allowed to see Baphomet's face. Study well was my only-one goal.

But in 1999 I have reached a level that gives power, a lot of opportunities but have to be paid to continue going up in magical hierarchy and become powerful mistress-witch with cold stone mind/soul/heart. I had to have no beloved, or if I have one, he (or she) should leave the mortal world. The Satanic Cult has a lot of specific prices for all level and not everyone are free to discuss a prices. And, same in Black Magic Hierarchy. According traditions, beloved one or ones may become price for witch's next level. Well, there is possible to split payment and get magical power by parts. Someday I'll write about. At that time, in December 1998, a person whom I loved really much, was a person known as Marilyn Manson. Since 1997 when heard his voice for a 1st time in life (1st "song" I heard was "F*** Frankie", haha, and there was funny story related to that day). So even I had a lot of friends, MM was  person whom I called "lovely". Most of my relatives have laughed aloud when I told them a name of person I called "my sweet love Marilyn", because they thought that was my next "very-crazy joke". (Haha, once my friends & I brought to school an airbrush that we took from some building construction in our city, and have had a huge pleasure to paint a grafitti on walls & ceilings. Then we did experiments with chemical elements... hole in wall of classroom was the result. We brought boombox to school, and connected it to school radio system. For half-hour all students in school enjoyed listening to Metallica. And this is just a part of "very-crazy jokes" I've made.) According traditions and mind of my European, Russian & Muslim parts of family, MM is 100% opposite to my relatives and their lifestyle. They have cursed that day when some friend of my dad's friends once gave me "Smells like children" CD to listen composition N8 and enjoy. That was 1st thing that I heard from MM's music/songs/etc, ha. Since that very short & funny composition I love Marilyn Manson's songs and his really sexy voice ;). I kept MM CDs in my dresser, on shelf where were my bras & bikinis, because it was only-one place where nobody can find them and throw away! Antique heavily carved mahogany dresser with mirrors and locks on all 4 doors. Only me & mom had a keys for it. But to continue going up in magic hierarchy I had to choose: or someone of my-lovely-people will be a price for my magical power or I’ll forget about beloved MM and for 10 years I will live alone, without Hollywood-styled glory until getting graduation and becoming the Mistress (Professor). But there was note that in this case I can lose another lovely one who is unknown for me for now. So I decided to go the 2nd way. I didn't want that my sweetheart or anyone from my family or friends were a price for my power. I thrown my magical tools and red ribbon into river instead of putting it into fire and reading specific magical spells. I knew that I will live at least 10 years without glory because of what I have done. But I hated the idea to stop on half-way of perfect progress of study of the art of Black Magic. So I had to continue study and even more hard. It was the beginning of January 1999. 

Years 1999-2000 brought us a lot of dark events but that was not a charge for magical power. Half of hometown became "ground zero" for 2nd time. Daddy and a part of family left us4ever. My magical power wasn't enough to protect all of us and our city. Many times I asked Baphomet to show me how to correct my life. And changes came, but slowly. Moneymakers' lifestyle came into my mind. And it was a new turn in my life. At same time, life in so-called homeland had change too. Because we lived in a capital city of Mid-Eastern republic and its territory is inside of Russian Federation, and still without independent status, RF consider it as part of RF territory. Doesn't matter that native Caucasian people tried to get status of independent country for their land. Russia wants to keep territory because of oil in it. Oil is a thing that can be expensive than gold. Territory with it too. 2 nations want to obtain that territory and it was the reason of war. But we don't belong to them! And we were on neutral position. All we wished was to live normally, not in ruined city. To avoid being on a middle of battlefield, we moved from Caucasus to Moscow. Frozen to the core, boring time...Even I studied at the University. I missed my land with yellow tulips and childhood time when everything was nice. April 2001 was a time of getting ready for new life. Then, last week in Moscow before leaving for US. Finally, we moved to Mexico, then to Los Angeles, California. I was happy to move to motherland of my & my daddy's favorite band, Metallica. But I knew that daddy will never see his favorite band. I don't think that Hell & Heaven are really exists. I'm an Atheist. But if  Heaven exists, daddy should be there. And my German grandma Antoinette and all nice people who died during that war should have a rest in sky palace too. When I arrived to California, I decided to never come back to so-called homeland. I wanna live and be happy.

The power is not just giving or remove the curse or to play with weather and natural disaster... It lets to be out of control, Shambhala or any Mahatmas, Masters cannot force me to do what I don't want to do, they cannot keep me under control anymore. Freedom !!! After Jan. 1999 I continued education and my magical power has began to grow up. Slowly but without stops. Now, since 2002, I can protect others, no matter how far they live... Once, my relative went to market and she heard that I called her. She knew that I live in the US and was little bit scared because phrase she heard was about cat that I gave her daughter a few years before. She rushed back home without making purchases. At home, her family told about female suicide bomber who came to that market in minutes after she left! I was glad to help my good friends to pass citizenship interview, using telepathy to answer questions because they worried too much and historical dates went out from their minds... Another friend asked me about magical ritual to avoid getting into jail. She did all the things on her side, and was saved. Another person, a relative of my friends, asked me to help him to avoid immigration jail and deportation. As the result, he got a Green Card. With obligation to glorify the US and teach people to do same as a specified part of payment for my help - because for me, Black Magic and patriotism have same importance.

I was “daddy’s daughter” and tried to copy him in everything and also be better when possible. He had a lawyer diploma as his main graduation (2nd diploma was from the University of fine arts). So I started another education in the Moscow University of Justice. My goal was to become a public prosecutor and work at government. But because of events on Caucasus, my family decided to move to the US. During 1st semester I got invitation from fashion institute in Moscow. But at that time we decided to leave Russian Federation. When we moved to the US, I was allowed to take just 72 lbs of belongings. So all of my paintings, music collection, and gifts from family, such as designers' clothes, crystal luster, persian rug have been stored in my relatives' home in Moscow. Auntie hated Marilyn Manson and was happy to trash everything MM I had... Posters, CD, rare book, shirts... All other things were mailed to us later, everything was kept with love & care. Excluding my MM collection!

In 2001, an image of "Sofia Metal Queen" was invented by my beloved Tim, handsome US Army veteran, American patriot, a lovely person who left this beautiful world in 2001. Once he gave me his family treasure - a flag with 48 stars. That was a Flag which Tim's grandpa have saved from water during Pearl Harbor attack. It was best thing in Tim's collection of vintage "Americana". I still remember those sunny days. Tim's brand-new yellow Ferrari. Road to Las Vegas. Hot kisses on a freeway, while driving on full speed, and without paying any attention on rules for drivers... The was a taste of life! Then, long way to Manhattan, NY - to sign 1st modeling contract. Only one disagreement that we had was: my love to Marilyn Manson. I remember Tim's reaction on MM's voice when we were on a way to Las Vegas. 100% hate was really wild, Tim's hand automatically rushed to the gun which was attached to his belt! But for me, they both are same-lovely! I remember 1st night walk on streets of central Manhattan. It was amazing night when we danced on the city street. Romantic time. Then, when we back home (California), there were days, spent on shopping in designers' boutiques in Beverly Hills.. But my happy time ended when nobody expected that. Tim's sister called me by phone to inform about car accident (Tim's Ferrari on a full speed had hit oil truck). I think it was Satan's way to correct my life and making me to be Metal Queen. In memory of Tim, I began collection of US Flags - antiques, fashion, unique home items, etc. At same time I began my series of patriotic fine art. To glorify the US. And in memory of Tim. And a Flag he gave me once, now is in my office. Still kept in triangle-shaped box, as when I got it. You can see my collection on youtube & photo albums on social network. Some of those flags are 4 times older than me. 45 star Flags, from the time when Utah was added to the Union in 1896, 46 star Flag from the time when Oklahoma was added to the Union in 1907. In my collection, there are collectables from 1976 (US bicentennial) and vintage stuff from 1940s'. Videos about my collection of vintage US Flags, patriotic art & collectibles - on Youtube -

Later, I worked a model without long-term contracts and traveled pretty much. I was in Manhattan NY and saw twin towers of WTC 3 weeks before 9.11.01. By my ability to know the future and sometimes reasons that caused terrible events, I saw what happened there soon. It was shocking and strange because the reason of 9.11.01 was in events of last days of Civil War that I saw, having no idea why I see that. Ffff, such ability sometimes scares me! Really. I also visited a lot of historical places and saw other events from the future. At that time and idea to write a book about memory of the future came into my mind. But dances & modeling inspired me very much and filled my mind.  Later I worked as jewelry designer in Downtown L.A., also costume designer for bellydance star companies.  In the beginning of "zero years era" (2000 is 3 zeros) my mind was full of sad memories of lost-forever part of family and shattered pieces of short but super bright romance - and it was for almost 2 years. I was like frozen to the core, even living in sunny SoCal and working as model then jewelry designer. I wasn't allowed to study Black Magic because doors into Baphomet's kingdom are closed when in anyone's mind there is too much sadness of lost love. When my friends Miriam & Larissa immigrated to the US too, I became myself again. Then we met new friends, new music and I continued to study Black Magic and going up in magical hierarchy. In 2005 I created my own company Ameynra. Soon after Grand Opening, I re-joined the class to continue study Black Magic. Yeah, I still remember "The Katrina Project" we had that August. Since that, I'm free to study what I want, and I happy to know that it will not harm anyone I love or adore. And, I was also happy to be free to do what I want. I'm very, very much thankful to my mom for her huge help & support in business and life. Every fashion collection and video is being checked by mom before it be published. I trust my mom in everything. Sometimes I trust her more than myself ;) Having a native-born talent is one part of success. I also need to spent a lot of time and energy on: Sending and reception of the documentation, tracking payments, gathering and ordering of the information on questions, office-work, control of the account financially - industrial stocks and the goods. Work with customers and agents, also accounting, electronic correspondence, meeting of new customers, and control over full and duly performance of assignments. My mom helps me a lot. She is the best of the best! Our Ameynra the brand has a few fashion lines, including high fashion & dance costumes for professionals, fashion skirts & outfits, also dresses for TV shows & Brazil carnival costumes. My mom's idea to make lines of wedding accessories, fancy pillows & handbags brought another success. To be a fashion designer is also important to have next skills : Ability of doing preparation of a material for press, working on creation of client base, budgeting of actions, planning and the organization & management of work of the personnel. And tracking of payments, control over work of cash department. Thanks mom, I can do it ;) All about our fashion company Ameynra you can find on websites. Here are links to Ameynra websites: and

My family was sure that only because of my love to Marilyn Manson I had brake in going up in magical hierarchy, temporary loosing power and it also made Tim to leave this world. I still afraid to accept the idea of Tim's suicide, I sure that it was car accident, so I'll never blame MM... I remember that day when during particular work trip I once met MM in a store. I was glad to see him so I forgot that it was forbidden for me to look into those beautiful eyes. Just a few minutes to talk... My business partner and I had to go our car and drive to another state. Looking back, I still like Marilyn Manson's songs written before 1999. But years of non-thinking have passed and in 2009 I have reached a level where was allowed to have lovely ones but in that case I should stop study magic until getting senior's age. I dreamed to meet my lovely MM and be together, forever. But I have a kinda agreement to talk with  my ancestors about important mainpoints in life, and ask them to bless me. Great-grandma Sofia the Gypsy Queen told me that before talking with MM I should take a look at everything that he did and lived by all these 10 years. But when I looked at his page on myspace, I have noticed the change: young, rock-n-roll inspired long-haired sexy one whom I loved became old-fashioned, short-haired 'hollywoodish' person in business suit. How boring! Also, I'll never waste even a minute of my life on modern Hollywood movies because in my schooltime I felt terribly offended when I understood that Terminator is just fiction character and I can't have one to protect myself and my city. (After that, I don't watch movies anymore). I love true metal music, not Hollywood! (As fashion designer, I sure that business suits are for realtors, office workers, etc, but not cool as stagewear for male metalheads. I hate crazy mix of styles). But I have already met other cool bands, and black metal became my favorite style of music. Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir, Werwolf of Satanic Warmaster, Adam "Nergal" Darski of Behemoth became my new favorites. What a stunning music! I love such sound, power !!! Especially their stage costumes. I added Shagrath's song to player on my myspace and it played there at least 400,000 times when crowd of people visited my page ;) "Death Cult Armageddon" still my favorite of Symphonic Black Metal music albums even now. In 2009 I have reached pretty-high level but that wasn't enough for me. So I continued education. At that time I had an internet fight with my 1st stalker (Bobby, a lead vocalist from a NJ/NY-based thrash metal band). I hired my friend Alex to do webwork at: my social network pages, website, Ameynra online stores, including eBay store. I studied network, webmaster's work, programming.. So I used everything to practice in it... Ha! Haha, at that time my stalker, who has been blocked from contacting me, tried to please me somehow. Sending rare photos & vids of Metallica and my other favorite bands such as W.A.S.P., Slayer, Dark Funeral, Manowar, Sepultura, etc was unuseful because a lot of people sent me same. Two hundred cool comments everyday... Roses, metal band pics, postcards... Using fake account, stalker sent me an invite to play a funny game - to send & collect virtual kisses on social network 'myspace'. It was his next idea, haha. My stalker did a lot to attract my attention: hundreds of cute animated messages-postcards, then fansite and a few fake accounts to sent me virtual gifts & roses. But for me, playing "Kisses" was just a game on myspace! It sounds crazy, but there were scandals, courts. Some of adult people who played a games on the internet have accepted it as kind of reality! Haha, I remember peoples' envy when a few million users saw me on 3rd place on "Gifts" game, where were a rules that single user can give only limited gifts, then have to pay by credit card for gifts to send to someone on myspace. Collecting points was very fast, as if it was championship or auto rally! Most of the time of running page with half-million people of list, Alex was webmaster there because I needed a time to write my books and create my fashion projects. And for me also matter next things: selection of a team for the project, development of concepts of show-programs, including the organization, and correcting of cost preliminary cost proposals of expenses of the project, and also work on attraction of sponsors and accommodation of promotional materials, and planning of the working day of director. So, thanks Alex, a fight with my stalker has been turned into funny game on the internet while I worked & studied network. Alex and my other boys have played with my stalker. They had a big pleasure to post funny virtual postcards they have done in photoshop, ha ha ha haya ;) I was interested in making animated art and first videos. I had to work hard on correcting of cost preliminary cost proposals of expenses of the project, Decorations of places for shows and accommodation of promotional materials, analysis of results of the completed projects, gathering the information, and recommendations, work on attraction of sponsors for our projects. So my webmaster Alex's work was: management of all my Ameynra online stores, and also he had to do network & control all promotional pages. I allowed him to play games, to help me win them all. Alex was proud to be on top friends list of half-million profile. I was only interested in 1st place in the game "kisses", and that somebody cool was behind of me. So we decided to send these to MM because we thought he'll never notice that, even the game was cute ;) We played and people noticed that. I checked out game updates and saw my page on 3rd place on 'gifts', my 1st place on 'kisses', and my 20th place on Dragon city ;) Games were part webmaster's job. But reaction on another side of game was at all not that I expected! At the beginning I was glad to see myself on top list on MM's fansites, but soon I began getting strange questions. Nobody wished to understand that playing the game was not my crazy romantic idea. To stop misunderstanding regarding "kisses" the game we played only to tease my stalker (who invited me to play the game), I told Alex to contact site administration to remove comments that made using game. In a few days, the game has been closed for all 10M users instead of removal comments I've sent... I had 1st place but was happy to see the final of the game on social network, haha.

At the same time (back in 2009), when I created my Youtube channel, I  decided to continue my science-based project. A short info about: in 1992 I began to write what I know regarding biochemistry and so-called medical experiments. That is about genetic modifications, changes, difference in ways how to use codes, etc. A few years before, my school teacher once invited a friend of his friend to our class, when was a time to prepare for May 9 (so-called Victory day, that I hate so much) Old man told us a few stories about WW2, Nazis and professor Mengele who worked at Auschwitz. Stories amazed me so I dreamed to become scientist, study biology & biochemistry. I wished to visit Auschwitz, professor's laboratory, make photos wearing the uniform.... My hero, according the story I've heard, saved a few cats. I love cats. People who care about cats, save them are my heroes. When I've visited Poland (there was a dance competition) and we got a tickets to Auschwitz as a gift for us, teen-age girls, I was very disappointed because museum workers refused to show the gaskammer, ovens and the Dead Wall. They said that it is not OK for young girl, also told me that there is no any exposition of Mengele's laboratory, uniform, test room, medals, diplomas, etc. I decided to never visit Poland again. But I did not stop to study biology then biochemistry. In 1994 I wrote short project, based on historical researches regarding what Mengele have done and what he did not completed. Then began to work on description of what are 144 experiments were for. But my friend, a fan of Slayer band, told me that I have to stop dreaming to become scientist and move my activity into the world of fashion. He told me that I'm beautiful, sexy, so I have to become a photo model. So I did. But I kept in mind the story about Nazis, medical experiments, and had an idea to find a time to write what I know about. Yeah, a true story based on my researches. And in 2009 I tried to continue my researches and writing "The biochemistry innovations, overcoming the modern science" project. But again, I had no time for. I was interested in playing the game with stalker, making fashion designs, eBay trade, and finishing my sci-fi literary projects about the future, Atlantis and space travels.

I was glad to see my page on top friends list of Dimmu Borgir fansites. Shagrath was my number-one favorite 'till 2012... Until when my great friend Miriam asked him to sell or give for rent his white furcoat he wore for "Gateways" video and tour. Miriam works at my company Ameynra. Our partners in Cairo love to watch my black metal belly dance. OK, I danced durin' party in my home My friends also liked Dimmu' music... So they wished to make a Halloween party in Cairo and me to dance in Shargrath's white fur coat. Friends knew about my sympathy to him, they wished to make a cool surprise for me by getting that fur coat. On my side, if i had it received, I was able to give a big good luck to person who wore it before me ;) I don't know what he told them, but looks like he refused to sell fur coat or pretended that never got messages. Some of Hellish creatures had full-of-humor mind. As the result, the curtain has fallen down at WOA festival... Anyway, I still love to listen to Dimmu Borgir band & Stian Thoresen's voice - music is music. I also his ideas in art & fashion. But I'm not a fan-groupie... When other side can't or by any reason doesn't want to be my friend, I prefer to keep neutral position - I will never stalk anyone. Everything or nothing - this is my rule.

In 2010 I submitted my paintings for international art competition in Kiev. But there was corrupted jury that tried to obtain copyright on all artworks submitted for competition, knowing that it is unlawful. Grand-prize was $100,000. My 3 paintings were chosen for final, but I never sell my copyright. So 1st place has been lost because of corruption. And I was not alone who hated getting emails regarding lost of final. We heard congrats to someone who has no talent at all but won 1st place in corrupted competition, where winner is a relative of people who organized it! When wishes to avenge as way of getting justice are being collected, targeting on one place where offenders sit, it can turn normal life into something that you can watch there in Ukraine. Look at what is going on there now, since Oct. 2013 ;) Of course, art competition was not main reason for, but it was one of events that have caused what is going on.

I'm a model (hair model, cosmetic model, photo model, dark-n-beauty model) and accept even unusual roles which most of girls don't want to take. My model's profile on ModelMayhem  I love black metal music and everything related to it. On Sept. 2010 I met one handsome guy, Daniel from Norway. Blond, long-haired brown-eyed black metal fan, male fashion model, and a big fan of next bands: Satanic Warmaster & Dark Funeral. We met each other on myspace - he was glad to get friend request approved on same second he sent me a request. Daniel, as many others, didn't knew that on my page friend-request setting is set as auto-approval. We have two mutual interests: Black Metal & Satanism. Friendship became romance pretty soon. We spoke in same language because we were born in same country but he immigrated to Norway, I moved to the US. We were friend a years before that and were happy to met each other once again. And, on my youtube you can see video - my black metal bellydance as a virtual gift for him. I tried to help Daniel to get US visa, but with no result. I have helped 8 people to move to the US before. But for this time,  Government don't understand why fashion brand may need to hire a Norwegian driver / photographer to work in my California-based company. Here in the US a lot of professional drivers, photographers who are looking for job. So it was more than border between two countries. It became border between me and Daniel. He didn't want me to use magic power to help him to get visa, and tried to ask Satan to help him, but with no result. Since Nov. 2012 I never received any emails from my friend. I don't know why the romance ended. I hope to see my darling again. No matter where and how. In 2012, during one of 666-Cult rituals I met my new beloved, a handsome super-long-haired Satanist-leader, who have given me a cool opportunity to get a status of Black Magic Mistress Witch. In 2013 I have reached my graduate+ level in 2013. I'm proud to have it. Hellyeah !!! The Mistress' level. Black Magic Professor. I had a big pleasure of dark-romantic evening when I got graduation and have joined the Legion 666. I decided to make videos to tell about what I know about the Cult, history, Magic, and to try to show that everything related to it is not a horror. We, like most of people, can be patriots, can be very successful in business and spend a lot on support those who need help, we can love the Nature, care of our families and be in love. I wanna show that we the people, sometimes even better than others! Goth subculture, as well as Satanic Cult both are lifestyles, and those who live by these have their right to have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, etc. I also still love my national traditions. Nationality it something that cannot be changed. Eye color can be changed by surgery, but nationality cannot be changed even by it. I support my heroes from WW2 time, and I support the Green Peace and US Republican Party. Well, being born 4th of July is like kinda special blessing. As if Mother Nature sent me on Earth to be a patriot of this country, the world's best country, even if I wasn't born here ;) Because my birthday is July 4. The US Independence Day. Story is not stopped, haha. It continues ;) There are 3 ways of doing things - the right way, the wrong way and the Sofia Metal Queen's way.

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